Biodynamic Skin Care Australia


To improve peoples’ health and wellbeing and enable them to make a positive change in the world.


To produce the highest quality, biodynamic certified natural skincare products, using olive oil grown on the Mount Zero olive grove.



Things can be complex, but they shouldn’t be complicated. Our goal is to take the simple but powerful elements of nature and turn them into simply beautiful skincare. You won’t find anything in our products that doesn’t need to be there.


There are lots of skincare products that can make you believe you’re buying something natural when it actually is not. Integrity is of great importance to us and we will always be transparent about the ingredients we use in our skincare range. 


We care about the environment and people more than our balance sheet.



The Girl and The Olive produces simple and beautiful Australian biodynamic and organic skincare products for women and children that draws on the beneficial properties of olives and other ingredients that are found in nature.

Passionate about biodynamic agriculture, food and skincare, the brand’s founders have more than 20 years experience in biodynamic farming of olives to produce biodynamic olive oil and other related products.

All the ingredients used in The Girl and The Olive products are of a traceable origin.

Unlike most other skincare products available throughout the world, they contain no harmful chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin, causing hidden side effects such as cancer and infertility.


a note from Jane

"My background as a medical scientist enabled me to experiment with blending our biodynamic olive oil with the emulsifiers, preservatives and thickeners typically used in skin care.  

I concluded that the chemical were both unnecessary and potentially harmful. With my belief “that less is more” I aimed for only 3 natural ingredients.

I created The Girl & The Olive skincare range for the whole family.

Our products are pure, simple, Australian and biodynamic.”