The Girl & The Olive at Mount Zero

where it all began

Our family has been passionate about biodynamic agriculture, food and skincare since we were first exposed to Rudolph Steiner’s philosophies four decades ago.

In 1993 we founded Mount Zero Olives, taking over an abandoned olive grove which we slowly nursed back to good health using biodynamic farming principles. We live simply on the land, making the best use of our limited natural resources and ensuring that we are sustainable.

We work inclusively and respectfully, encouraging local Indigenous people to work with us on the farm. 

We became inspired by the philosophies of Rudolph Steiner, the founder of Biodynamic agriculture, when our daughter started school at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School in the mid 1970’s.

Steiner stated that; “the need for imagination, a sense of truth and a feeling of responsibility are the three forces which are the nerve of education”. As a family, this approach, which balanced the creative, intellectual, social and the practical aspects of education inspired us.

my dream


Over the last decade it has been my dream and challenge to find a way to incorporate the health giving properties of biodynamic extra virgin olive oil into pure, natural skincare products.

As a woman on the land I know how harsh the Australian climate can be and the toll it takes on our complexions. With my background in science, I also know about the harmful effects of chemicals on the skin.

I believe in the importance of simple perfection and getting the basics right whether in food or skincare. There is no need for artificial ingredients, fragrances, Nano particles or genetically modified ingredients.

I feel satisfied now, that I am finally achieving my dream.


biodynamic, organic and natural


After years of research and experimentation we have managed to develop a formulation for The Girl & The Olive skincare that uses natural ingredients which are free of all artificial chemicals. The Girl & The Olive is the first and only certified Demeter biodynamic skincare producer in Australia. We manufacture unique biodynamic and organic skincare from the olive oil and essential oils grown on our Mount Zero olive grove, the first Demeter Biodynamic accredited olive grove in Australia. Becoming an accredited biodynamic and sustainable business is a rigorous process that takes hard work. All of our ingredients are subject to a strict verification process.